Rocket Stove Oven

IMG_0918The rocket stove oven here was a combination of a wall oven bought second hand from refuse centre and a rocket stove made from a  steel box section. We insulated the stove itself with a clay and sawdust mix, finished with a clay and news paper pulp mix for a smooth result. The oven’s temperature is controlled by the amount of wood burning at the time and once mastered can be used as well as any oven. Just insert a sugar thermometer for example and you’ll be good!

Other designs have been done by lots of people, for example a rocket stove pizza oven is simple enough to build and saves on the fuel compared to a traditional one! See the following links for more ideas on rocket stove ovens. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Rocket Stove Oven

    1. Thanks Alex. The websites still in it’s infancy and I’m super busy with life right now but will add more info as soon as I find time. What in particular do you want to know, I can tell you direct if you like. Thanks =)

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