Building the first Rocket Stove Bath

Enjoying the bath for the first time

A fat cat called Fats


4 thoughts on “Building the first Rocket Stove Bath

  1. Excellent! So you have the feeder at one end and the heat travels underneath the bath in a tube before rising out the chimney? Kinda surprised there’s a powerful enough draw with such a distance between the feeder and chimney.

    1. Hi Anthony. The heat travels under the bath through a cavity more than a tube, a couple of inches high and the width of the bath. The draw is plenty strong enough, but I made the chimney taller on the second one I built which helped it heaps. The first time firing them up takes a while to burn nice and clean as you are drying out all that moist cob mix. Thanks for visiting my site =)

      1. Thank you for posting this. I have had the same idea for heating bath vats of water in Montana, USA. My addition is to add reused window panes on the south side for solar gain to the vat and berm the north side. Use an insulated top cover. Idea being to reduce icing in winter.

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